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Why Now is a Great Time to Invest in Rentals

The real estate market is changing, and change can scare people. Most people would rather wait for conditions to become predictable before they start making investments. There’s just one problem with that: you can’t stay ahead of the curve unless you can anticipate trends. Instead of following the pack, why not put yourself a step ahead of the game? Learn why now is an excellent time to invest...

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Rising Interest Rates: What This Means For Homeowners

If you have been paying attention to the real estate market lately, you probably know that interest rates are rising. However, you may not be sure what this means for you as a homeowner. Don’t worry: we can tell you precisely what rising interest rates mean for homeowners, and what you should do to prepare yourself for them.

How Long Can Yo...

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How Much Money Do You Really Make When Selling Your Home?

At some point, you’ve probably wondered about how much money you could make in real-estate. Maybe you’re thinking about flipping houses. Alternately, you might just want to sell your current home and move elsewhere. Whether you’re an empty-nester or an aspiring real-estate tycoon, you should be aware of all the complexities beforehand. Selling a house isn’t...

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How Does A Rent To Own Home Work?

Owning a home is probably one of the most important achievements you’ll make in your lifetime. Building up your credit, saving for a down payment, and finding a home in your price range that fits your needs takes hard work and dedication. Affording a home can be challenging and many people choose to rent throughout their entire lives because of this. However, ther...

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Rising Interest Rates: What do They Mean for You as an Investor?

You may have heard talk of rising interest rates on the news, or seen it in the financial times. However, it’s entirely possible that you aren’t clear on the ramifications this may have for your investment strategies. What do rising interest rates mean for you when you want to invest your money? There are several important things to remember, especially if you’re a high-level investor with a...

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Top 8 Issues Found In Home Inspections

When selling your home there is a good chance that the buyer will request a home inspection. Having too many issues in the home inspection report could send up red flags to the buyer that causes them to back out of the deal. Many of the issues found in home inspections can be remedied beforehand so that the home inspection will turn up nothing but a clean check of the home and useful suggestions o...

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10 Things To Get Rid Of This Spring

Many of the sellers we buy homes from have lived in their homes for decades. As you can guess, that means decades of accumulated stuff. Because of this, we always give sellers the opportunity to clean out or pack up all their items and close the sale when they’re ready. Throwing out items can be hard, especially when they have sentimental value. The best way to avoid having to make these tough d...

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3 Reasons to Buy a Home Before 2017 Ends

Thinking of buying a house soon? Check out this article from Realtor.com on why you may want to buy before the end of 2017.
Buying a house in 2017 will feel kind of like you’ve jumped onto the subway just as the doors were closing. Your heart’s pounding and you’re winded from the race, bu...

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Brighten Up Your Bathroom

Want to refresh your home this spring? Try brightening up your bathroom! A bathroom that is bright and clean can make your whole house feel fresh and relaxing. Freshen up the look of your bathroom by following these simple tips.

Scrub Everything!

This may seem like a no-brainer but the first step to a bright and beautiful bathroom is to clean every nook and cranny! A good scrub will do wo...

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